Community Bank of Missouri was founded in May 2001, in an effort to bring unparalleled banking excellence to the Richmond area. It began with two local businessmen, Gary Arnette and Gregg Steele, who identified the need for a financial institution based in the community. After talking to local bankers D. R. and Stephanie Landwehr, the vision for Community Bank of Missouri was born.

Using their extensive financial background and knowledge of the community, D. R. Landwehr took the helm as President and Stephanie joined him as Vice President. They put together a team of experts who would turn this vision into reality. Thurza Falls, a veteran of the Richmond banking community, brought her strong operational skills to the project as Senior Vice President of Operations and Cashier. Joining the team as lending expert was Brad Hogan, a Ray County native and experienced real estate lender. Another established Richmond banker, Amy Deitch, rounded out the group as Networking Officer and Assistant Cashier.

Together, these five officers have more than 75 years combined experience in banking. Under their leadership, Community Bank of Missouri has exceeded its financial goals, reaching over $40 million in assets by third quarter of 2004.